1 Method Of Making Closing The Sale Easier
Written by Ryan Lee on April 27th 2020
Most people don’t know how to close a sale.

They get nervous and afraid that they are going to be told NO.

So, they keep talking and talking. And talking.

Closing the sale can be an intimidating task.

After all, you are asking for someone’s hard earned money.

I get it. It’s not easy.

There is one way that you can overcome this and it’s not what you may think.

It is so much easier to close the sale if you have done everything right leading up to actually asking for the sale.

I have seen some of the best “sales people” even struggle with this one very easy thing to do.

Here it is…

You may have heard people refer to this as qualifying.

Are you qualifying your potential clients?

Are you finding out about them BEFORE you start selling?

What is their budget?

How quickly are they looking to make a decision?

Do they typically spend more $ for higher quality?

Have they used your product before?

Why haven’t they used your product before?

What concerns do they have?




Is there any reason that they wouldn’t be ready to take home your product today?

If you’re not drilling down into the root of their problem, then how can you solve it?

People have no problem paying a lot of money if it solves a problem.

If you don’t expose the problem and make then understand and FEEL the pain, then you will likely be stuck as an awkward closer.

Stop selling and start asking more open-ended questions.

If you do this, you will get to the close of the sale and they will already have their credit card out.

They will be asking the questions….When can we start? How do we get signed up? What’s the soonest you can install?

You see, now they are closing you.

If you made it this far, thanks for the read. 


Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee helps contractors grow successful businesses. He is an expert at helping contractors double their profits by helping them increase their number of qualified leads, close more deals, and increase their price.
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