Why Landing New Clients Is Not As Hard As You Think
Written by Ryan Lee on March 20th 2020
I landed a new client today.
The reason they chose to work with me may surprise you.

It wasn’t because of my good looks. 💪

Surprising, I know.

(Check my personal profile pic)

It wasn’t my low price.💰

In fact, they mentioned that one of the other companies they looked into was almost half my price.

It wasn’t my nice pants.

I was wearing jeans. đź‘–

From Costco.

They were only like $15.

$15 jeans from Costco.

So, if they didn’t choose me for my looks…

Or my price…

Or my pants…

Why did they choose to work with me?


You see, I followed up every step of the way.

I followed up after I set the initial appointment…

…after the appointment…

…after I sent the proposal…

…before the next meeting.

Constant follow up and communication.

They knew exactly who they would get if they chose me.

The competition's follow up looked like this:

(Insert Large Poo Emoji Here)

So I won.

By default.

By forfeit.

Because I had a pulse.

(And my amazing offer and solution)

So the lesson here is this…

Would you rather hire a marketing agency for your business

That is (potentially) better looking, has a low price, and wears nice pants?

Or, would you rather hire a marketing agnecy

That wears Costco jeans and sets your business on a pedestal?

Who understands your business goals and works with you.

As a partner.

But they don’t get paid like a partner. 🙂

Talk soon!

Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee helps contractors grow successful businesses. He is an expert at helping contractors double their profits by helping them increase their number of qualified leads, close more deals, and increase their price.
If you're interested in growing your local business then reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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